Sunday, December 09, 2007

Vinod Dave - A Retrospective

Following is a retrospective of select images of art works of artist Vinod Dave. The recent works start from top and descend to older date taking you 32 years back into the realm of the artist's journey from where it began. No title or other information is deemed necessary as the visual language is left alone to speak for itself. Starting as early as in 1975, Dave has used a variety of mediums ranging from graphite, ink, oils, acrylics, dry media, photography, mixed-media, print-making, sculpture, film and digital media to meet his works' necessity time and again. And paper, canvas, photograph, wood and board have been his surface on which he has let his art reside. Detailed information about particular works can be received from the artist by clicking on this post's heading that will direct you to the artist's site.

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