Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Paintings of Tushar Waghela

Woman With Fish 2006 20"X14" Acrylic on canvas
Trajectory 2006 48"X60" Acrylic on canvas
The Atheist Prophet 2006 32"X46" Acrylic on canvas
Freelance Dreamer 2006 45"X68" Acrylic on canvas
Day Dreamer 2006 22"X22" Acrylic on canvas
Excerpts from the artist's statement:
"The texture of these works of art is intensely obscure which induces the onlooker to magnetize to the premise of the creation and get engrossed into the journey traveled in it. It has a tendency to generate curiosity in the mind of the beholder, it crafts an ambiance of the insinuation expressed through it. I have endeavored to depict a surrealistic effect to the paintings and take you to the actual scenario of the anecdote in the symphony of the string.
-Tushar Waghela

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excellent work